Transport Chains and chain tensioner are tough tie down equipment , both chains and binders are made of carbon steel, compare to tie down straps, the chains and binders have higher working load limit , let’s look at 5/16” transport chain(WLL 4700lbs) vs. 2” tie downs(typical WLL 3333lbs) ,  6600lbs 3/8” transport chains vs. 5400lbs 4” tie down straps , you can see  that the chains are much stronger, and the load binders are even stronger than same size chains, 5/16”-3/8” load binder(lever or ratchet type) has WLL of 5400lbs and 3/8”-1/2” binder has WLL 9200lbs. If we examine the design factor of chains and tie down straps, we will see that chains and binders have 4:1 design factor while tie down straps have design factor 3:1, that’s another reason we consider chains and binders are heavy duty tie downs .

According to NACM recommendations, the carbon steel used in making grade 70 chains should meet following criteria: no more than 0.35% Carbon, 0.040% Phosphorous and 0.050% Sulfur . When the material meets NACM recommendation, the manufacturing process are under strict quality control, and the final products meet or exceed  DOT requirements, you can put the chains and binders on your 18 wheeler and haul away .

These chains and binders are mostly used to haul big, heavy equipment, such as backhoe, bulldozer, these things are hard on straps, only carbon steel chains can sustain that kind of abuse , the most popular chain size for these  kind of load are 3/8”, for some light equipment which is still too heavy and hard for straps 5/16” will be ideal chain size. 1/2” and up are mostly for really heavy stuff, for example, military applications, say to tie down battle tanks, you will definitely need 1/2” even 5/8” grade 70 chains to tie those bad boys down.

Grade 70 chains can be used for any purpose except overhead lifting. You can use these chains for tearing down trees, tow heavy objects, we some times use these chains to tow our mobile loading dock. We’ve seen forestry service companies use a lot of these chains and binders in their work as well.