I just got a new pick up truck and I wanted to move a lot things around with it. Most of what I have are things in cardboard boxes, luggage bags, shoe boxes, small chairs, hiking equipment , bikes , some loose toys , in a word, it’s a mess. In the beginning I believed that I could pack them well, in the middle of stacking I was totally lost. When the trunk is full I just stared at the mess I created, said to myself, I just did that? OK, I actually did that. I said to myself that there was no way I could go ahead like this, if I did there would be possible consequences like these: either the stockpile fell apart on the road, may or may not hit someone else or cause accidents, or I got stopped by police officer before anything could happen and got ticket and points. Anyway driving with the dumpster will never be a good idea, no matter what.

Let’s see what I could do now, I could start over and try to tidy them up and tie them down or simply find something to hold them together, to sum it up, I only need to find something to hold all stuff together and I would be good to go! Was that simple? Obviously I wasn’t going to need something like 2” ratchet strap which has working load limit of 3,333lbs, or transport chains, All I need is something can hold a few hundred pounds and can cover the trunk, not some serious application at all. The cargo bar came across my mind but I already pile everything up and there is definitely no need for cargo bars, which is for division not for tie down. The search engine comes to help at this point, nowadays you can find almost anything online.

I dived into the tie down world for something can be used with my pick up and the tie downs may not to overkill for my situation, first I came across 1” ratchet straps, 6 or 9 feet, but with 2000 or 3000lb strength they were overkill in a sense, even the price was pretty good, cam buckle straps were in the same shoes, all I found was too much for my simple application which was to hold things together, the 1” ratchet straps won’t be able to do anything to the huge mess, only would bring more chaos. Small pieces need something like a net to hold them together, not tie downs. I went through a lot of information and finally arrived at cargo net, I could choose from 48”x60” or 60”x84”, depends on my need, and this was just what I needed, It’s real easy to hold stuff with cargo net, just put the net on the stack, get the hooks hooked on the truck, done. Here we have to introduce the bungee cords, the essential part of the cargo net, you can use the cords separately or connected together just like cargo net. To say the least, both cargo net and bungee cord are commercial tie downs compare to industrial tie downs, which means they are light duty and small in size, and they are mostly being used to hold small stuff. There are a lot interesting use for these cords and nets, the only limit is your imagination.

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