To be honesty, when I get stuff for my dog, a 4 year old shepherd, I will never settle for low quality for the sake of low price. Low price doesn’t equal to low quality , if you spend money, even not much , on shady merchandise you’re just throwing good money away . Here the affordable means that the quality is good even great while you don’t have to pay too much on the products, believe it or not, you may get the nice leashes and collars with really great price, take this 3/8” leash collar set as an example, this set is designed specifically for small dogs , it’s collar is 9”-14” adjustable , and the leash is 48′ long , only sell for $2.25 a piece, the price is really good for the nice set.

Here is another example of nice product, it’s a 1”x60” reflective leash, which has a nice handle with trash bag and travel bowl stored in it, the color is red, blue, black,dark green and orange, reflective, 60” long, 1” wide, this patented product is only for $7.00 with free shipping! Nice looking and comfortable handling, plus you will get an extra travel bowl with your order make this deal sweeter. And you probably will find your favorite color from back, blue, dark green, red and orange, 5 colors which are available on this leash. This leash is ideal for walk your dog in the park, with the trash bag and travel bowl you can take care of your dog easily.

Don’t forget the dog tie downs! Tie out cable and stake are perfect outdoor play companion for your dogs. Play with your dogs at play ground you definitely need to make sure it’s safe for the dog and the people around you, the tie out cable and stake make perfect mobile tie down post for your dog, when you’re busy your dogs can stay where they are. Usually people use aircraft cable to make tie out cable and stainless steel for tie out stake, therefore the cable ans stake are strong and safe for the dogs. With a few different sizes such as 9mmx18′, 9mmx17”, 8 mmx16” and 8mmx18” you always can find what you need, usually tie cable is 5mm in diameter and normally has a few different lengths: 10′,15′,20′ and 30′, there always will be perfect size for you!

E Track tie down system usually has two separate functional parts, the E Tracks and the logistic straps or hardware connector, aka E Track straps or tie downs. The E Track will be installed inside the semi trailers , the most used are 2 settings , horizontal E Track and vertical E Track, the sizes usually are 5′ section and 10′ section. E Track tie downs have some varieties, there are e track cargo bars with e fittings at both ends, ratchet e track straps, cam buckle e track straps, rope tie offs, wood beam socket, they all have e fittings at the ends, and on the floor we have chocks for stop vehicles from moving. Of course all of these need to have E Tracks installed and secured on the trailers, let’s see how do we do that.

Here we will discuss E Track Installation and safety tips, though some trailers come with the E Tracks installed .

When you mount the E Track you will have to look for the wall studs on the trailer, we will focus on doing it on the wall but the same principle applies to the floor as well. The wall stud is basically a big channel with a couple of flat spots on top to attach the plywood to, we just have to do the same to the E Track and bridge two of them somehow, when you figure that out you can use screws to hold the E Track up, you will need deep threaded wood screws or tec screws to get the job done. Basically this is all about installing E Tracks on the wall, and you will have to make sure the E Track sit as flat as possible on the wood. For Safety reason, you’d better use deep threaded screws, put one screw into each hole on the e track, and run the track as possibly far as you can, the will spread the load across long distance and it’s safer. Remember that the there are only about 2 inch to outside wall, so don’t over assert the screws.

Before you call it a day, you will have to test your installation out a bit , just hook a 2”x16′ ratchet e track strap in the e track, use your hand or some other stuff to drag it hard to see if there are any loose spots or soft wall mount , if you do find problems please get them fixed before hitting the road.